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The Primary School (Grade 1 - Grade 5)

Our Early Childhood program at HPS immerses children in an atmosphere of wonder, care, exploration, and growth, and it isn't long until their love of learning grows from the inside out. The Elementary Programme further builds each child to become a competent learner in a caring community– a thinker, creator, feeler, problem solver and doer. All curricular programs at HPS aim to fulfill the vision and values expressed in our mission statement. As we care for students and collaborate to continuously strengthen their learning, all of us – our youngest learners, our teachers and our parents – will be equipped to thoughtfully engage the world with skills, knowledge, deep and enduring understandings, and clearer purpose. To us, this is what it means for each student to 'achieve personal excellence to be the best for the world.'

The Learner

We believe that elementary education must foster the intellectual, social, physical and emotional development of each child. We encourage each child to reach his or her full potential within a challenging curriculum based on high expectations. We recognize that children have individual needs, and that their learning styles and rates of development vary. We encourage each child to think critically and independently and to develop a love of learning and self-motivation, by attaining academic and personal goals.

The Programme

We believe that the most effective programme is a well defined, balanced curriculum that involves students in purposeful, relevant, and challenging activities. We place strong emphasis on language arts and mathematics. To ensure a balanced curriculum, we provide

programmes in science and technology & social studies (EVS), fine arts and physical development. We believe that children must be prepared to function successfully in a changing world. We believe that instructional programs and processes should be based on widely accepted research about how and what children learn. We believe that there must be clearly stated goals and objectives established collaboratively and supported by teachers, administrators and parents. We believe in the ongoing assessment of students and evaluations of programmes.

Essential Qualities

The Essential Qualities of a HPS Learner describe dispositions that are fostered through interactions among members of the entire HPS Community. In essence, the essential qualities are the life skills that define our community and global perspective.

Students at every age learn to contribute as they develop into:

  • Responsible World Citizens, who are
  • Effective Communicators,
  • Collaborative Workers,
  • Problem Solvers,
  • Creative Individuals, and
  • Self-directed Positive and Adaptable Learners

The Curriculum

Literacy - Languages (English/Hindi)

What are the Standards and Expectations for Reading and Writing?

HPS adopts curricular models that demonstrate the best national & international standards. The school currently draws its overarching standards for English Language Arts from the Oxford University Press Publication called 'Butterfly Series'. The strands of oral communication, reading, writing and media literacy have within them the requirement to reflect on learning and to use this reflection to enhance further learning.

The different stages of development describe the journey children undergo as they become independent readers and writers. Since children grow and develop at differing rates, we have developed clear targets and milestones as well as multiple assessments along the way to better monitor and support each child's progress. While literacy instruction is direct and explicit within the English Language programme, it is essential that the skills and understandings gained through it will empower understandings, habits of mind, and communication skills in all content areas.

On a practical level, weekly explicit instruction occurs within a workshop model that entails:

  • large group lessons that may include shared reading and writing, interactive read aloud and focus lessons;
  • small group instruction that may include guided reading and writing, strategy lessons, and literature circles or reading clubs; and
  • independent reading and writing.


What are the Standards and Expectations for Mathematics?

The elementary mathematics curriculum is based upon the standards of the CBSE's National Curriculum Framework 2005. The standards describe the mathematical understanding, knowledge, and skills that students should acquire from pre-kindergarten (early childhood) through grade 12.

The mathematics programme uses Butterfly Mathematics as its primary instructional resource. Distinctively, it :

  • focuses on real-life problem solving,
  • balances whole-class and self-directed learning,
  • emphasizes communication,
  • facilitates collaboration between school and family,
  • introduces appropriate technology for learning.

Underlying the Butterfly Mathematics programme are six conceptual strands: Number and Numeration; Operations and Computation; Data and Chance; Measurement and Reference Frames; Geometry; Patterns, Functions and Algebra (at the later stage)

Through this structured and sequential approach to mathematics, students make progress toward meeting the grade level expectations within developmentally appropriate instructional practices. Daily practice and learning offer them the best opportunity to become confident, competent young mathematicians. At each grade level, learning targets are identified for each of the six strands.

Social Studies, Science and Health

Through a process of inquiry, students explore social studies, science and health concepts and understandings. At each grade level, Inquiry Units of Study provide the opportunity for students to learn more about their world by posing questions, exploring concepts, and engaging in developmentally appropriate research and projects. Where it is relevant and appropriate, direct connections and actions are linked to issues of global significance.

MACD (Music, Art/Craft & Dance) & Sports
Specialist Classes

Committed to educating the whole child, alongside core subjects HPS is keen to provide instruction by subject area professionals in the arts and physical education, within the school day.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Arts are essential to each child's development as a whole person and we embrace each expression from early scribbles to skilled artistic performances. Through the arts, students express themselves verbally, visually, kinaesthetically and musically. Within our visual and performing arts educational environment, learning activities provide students with a first–hand opportunity to grow through participation in creative experiences and expressions. Within Art classes, students explore the sequential themes of learning to see; Building Ideas; Ideas for Expression and Art in Everyday Life. The Elementary Music program is developmental in sequence and instills a love of musical appreciation and participation. The strands of the general elementary music program would comprise Movement & Dance; Singing; Tuned and Untuned Percussion;.

An elective (Higher Level), after school music Program would eventually broadens the opportunities for students to pursue their musical talents by participating in it from beginning to intermediate levels.

Physical Education

Physical Education provides opportunities for students to learn about, and practice ways of, adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active lifestyle. The PE program is designed to promote physical skills and strategies as well as develop habits leading to a healthy lifestyle. Eventually swimming pools, grass and covered play areas, gymnasia, as well as court sports and soccer fields would all be used within the PE program soon. They provide places for elementary students to become healthy, fit and skilful in their approach to physical health and wellness.

Technology /Library Media Services

At HPS, technology and print media would play an important role in our dynamic learning community. At every grade, we would like to aim to expand learning opportunities that would empower students to be critical consumers and creative producers of knowledge and media in both digital and print form. Our Resource Centre (Library), Knowledge Centre and R&D team would play a key supportive role in the near future.

Foreign Language Programme -

As a school, we believe that learning the international modern languages promotes international mindedness and opens children's minds to other perspectives. HPS would like to introduce quite a comprehensive foreign language programme starting from grade 6 in the near future as the school grows.

Student Support Services

English as an Additional Language
HPS would offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for English language learners in grades 1-5. The goal is to help each learner acquire English language proficiency in order to become successful in all areas of the curriculum. Admission to the EAL program is based upon fulfillment of HPS admissions requirements that include a review of previous/present school records.

Learning Support via Remedial Classes
Students with mild learning needs will find a caring, individualized approach and support structure that helps them access the HPS Curriculum. Services would be available to students include Learning Support, Speech and Language Therapy and Intervention.

The elementary school campus has on-site counselling to assist students, parents and teachers in support of the social and emotional needs of our young learners by our full time school counsellor

Co-Curricular Programme
Care for the whole child inspires HPS to offer a variety of activities that appeal to a child's sense of adventure, fun, competition, learning and exploration. We see these opportunities as an essential part of a holistic education which allows children to understand unique aspects of their personalities, aptitudes and interests. They also offer diverse social experiences through which children learn to work, share, plan, collaborate, make friends, solve differences and pursue goals alongside others with common passions and interests.

In childhood, time spent doing what one wants to do – playing, thinking and dreaming – can be time well spent. At HPS, a broad range of school sponsored activities would be available after school for students in grades 1-5 to enjoy. Children would be able to explore interests and sharpen skills through elementary choirs, other music activities, sports, dance, art and swimming instruction. In addition, parent and community sponsored activities would offer variety throughout the afternoons, and on weekends such as gymnastics, and various team sports activities like soccer, basketball. Offerings in our forthcoming After School Activity (ASA) Program would vary from year to year, depending on student interest and the gifting of instructors. We feel strongly that adult guidance is necessary in the planning of after school activities in order to give the appropriate balance for your child's overall development. At times, children's days are filled with structured activities, allowing them little or no time remaining to amuse them productively. Childhood is a special time of life. We suggest that families carefully look at the time commitments required for interests and routines, homework, recreational reading and adequate rest, when making commitments to any other activities.

HPS Academy – A Rare Initiative

HPS Academy would provide high quality, extra-curricular programs outside of the school day, with fun, exciting and rewarding options year round for all ages. The Elementary Program is designed for students ages 7-12. Educational programs run after school, during holidays and the summer break.

The Stepping Stones Program is designed from birth to 6 years and provides a safe and caring learning environment that focuses on the needs of each child with a range of activities that further enhance the cognitive, social and developmental growth of our younger students. Year-round programs are available.