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All rules and regulations at Hindupat Public School are formulated for the benefit of the students. We owe it to them to have a chance to grow up in a society that is safe, and to learn in an environment where there is respect for all. All rules apply to all students from the time they leave home for school until they have reached home at the end of the school day, in the school transport or while taking part in any activity, function or trip organized by or related to the school. The school rules focus on a few specific issues and do not cover every eventuality; they allow the exercise of common sense and ethics to resolve such contingencies.
The most essential school rule is that all students must behave in a sensible and honorable way, showing respect, courtesy and consideration towards fellow students and staff and taking full responsibility of their actions so as to uphold the good name of the school.


As a first step to becoming responsible citizens of the world, all students must:

  1. Behave in a courteous, decent and modest manner, appropriate to school culture at all times.
  2. Demonstrate honesty and integrity; therefore lying, cheating and stealing of any kind must be shunned.
  3. Try to achieve their personal best in their studies and be scrupulously honest in all academic activities;
  4. Contribute to a positive learning atmosphere in class by co-operating with the teacher, getting work done on time, contribution to discussions and avoiding disruptions.
  5. Take appropriate measures to help those in need;
  6. Show proper care and regard for school property (building, equipment, furniture, fittings, books, etc.) as well as the property of others.
  7. Strive to develop appropriate work attitudes and habits.
  8. Respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and teaching.
  9. Make themselves available to represent the school in sporting and cultural activities and to attend training sessions / rehearsals when required.

HPS has a “zero tolerance” policy in the following areas:

  1. Bullying, fighting, vulgarity or verbal intimidation;
  2. Vandalism or theft;
  3. Offensive language or possession of offensive literature / images in any form;
  4. Disruption of lesson /activity through inappropriate behavior
  5. Display of affection which is not acceptable to the society at large;
  6. Use of mobile phones, I-pods, e-gadgets, laser pointers in the school premises.

Every student is entrusted with the responsibility of informing the Principal should they see others violating this policy. A violation of any rule may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to:

  1. Compensatory payment of charges.
  2. Assigned work related to the offense.
  3. Loss of credit for completed / assigned work or tests.
  4. Suspension alternative program - extra service with an NGO.
  5. Detention / in-school suspension / out-of-school suspension.
  6. Expulsion.



  1. Punctuality is essential at all times. Students, who come late in the morning regularly, will be sent home / will have to attend a Value Education Class on that day during the lunch break.
  2. Unless approved by the homeroom teacher story books or periodicals from outside should not be brought to the school.
  3. The school does not accept the responsibility for the loss of pupil’s books, pens, money etc. Each pupil is responsible for his/her own belongings.
  4.  Silence must be observed in the whole school during class hours and while moving from one class to another, as noise pollution decreases the quality of life.
  5. Use of the mobile phone is prohibited in the school. A mobile phone found in the possession of a student in the school premises will be confiscated and fined Rs. 1500/-
  6.  Chewing of gum is prohibited in the school premises.
  7. Students are not allowed to carry white/red ink-pens as part of the stationery.
  8. No collection of money should be made without the sanction of the Principal.
  9.  Those pupils who travel by transport approved by the school are expected to be well-behaved and courteous in the bus. Anyone found misbehaving will be debarred from using the bus facility.
  10.  During the absence of the teacher, the Prefect or Monitor will be responsible for the order and discipline of the class.
  11. It is forbidden to buy eatables from street vendors.
  12. Students are expected and required to KEEP THE SCHOOL PREMISES CLEAN.
  13.  The Principal reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any pupil if his/her behavior or progress is unsatisfactory.
  14. Every student shall endeavor to keep up the good name of the school by his/her manners and deportment.
  15. “Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school, on the part of pupils should make them liable for disciplinary action.” “Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice  or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and/or misbehavior or who, in the opinion, of the Principal, has an unwholesome influence on his/her fellow pupils, may be expelled permanently or removed from the school for a specified period.

Future Expansion of HPS -

This is a CBSE school, which will be a K-12 school (Up to grade 12 in all streams) soon with a global to local outlook to bring all latest and modern means of education at Raghogarh. We plan to create many primary satellite schools in the radius of 50 to 60 kilometres from Nursery to grade 5. They all will be managed by this school and HPS Raghogarh will become the boarding school starting from grade 6 up to 12 with its sprawling campus of 22 acres with all modern amenities and educational facilities.